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Chapter IV

(d) Others

Date of OM OM No Index No Subject in Brief
2014 ← (Back)
10th February, 2014 2(68)/11-DPE-(WC) GL-V/14 34 Payment of Performance Related Pay (PRP) to the executives of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE)
07th February, 2014 2(14)/12-DPE-(WC) GL-IV/14 33 Encashment of Half Pay Leave (HPL) on superannuation - regarding.
2013 ← (Back)
04th November, 2013 2(23)/11-DPE-(WC) GL-XXVI/13 32 Purchase,use,entitlement and other instructions regarding staff Car in Central Public Sector Enterprises(CPSEs)
21st February, 2013 2(4)/2013-DPE-(WC) GL-VII/13 31 Payment of wages under the Minimum Wages Act to contract/casual workers in CPSEs
21st February, 2013 F.No. 3(105)/11-DPE(WC) 30 Reference order dated 09.11.2012 of Central Information Commision in respect of Second Appeal filed by Shri Suddhodan Roy
21st January, 2013 2(23)/11-DPE(WC)-GL-V/13 29 Purchase,use,entitlement and other instructions regarding staff Car in Central Public Sector Enterprises(CPSEs)-reg.
2012 ← (Back)
31st December, 2012 2(68)/11-DPE(WC) 28 Payment of Performance related pay (PRP) to executives of Central Public Sector Enterprises(CPSEs)
26 December, 2012 2(36)/2012/DPE(WC) 27 Issue of consideration of Stagnation Increment for the purpose of national increment at the time of promotion
24th December, 2012 2(12)/2009-DPE(WC) 26 Scales of Pay and Grades of executives at below Board level in CPSEs
17th December, 2012 2(14)/2012-DPE(WC)-GL-XXI/12 25 Clarification sought by Audit on encashment of sick leave
27th November, 2012 3(105)/11-DPE(WC) 24 Order Dated 09.11.2012 of the Information Commissioner, CIC on the appeal filed by Mr. S. Roy regarding Wage Revision In 69 Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) following Central Dearness Allowance(CDA) pattern of pay scales-reg.
27th August, 2012 2(81)/2008-DPE(WC)-GL-XIV/12 23 Creation of corpus for retired employees of CPSEs
02nd August, 2012 2(94)/2011-DPE(WC) 22 Performance Related Pay (PRP) clarification regarding ESOP
17th July, 2012 2(14)/2012-DPE(WC) 21 Clarification sought by Audit on encashment of sick leave
2011 ← (Back)
20th July, 2011 2(23)/07-DPE(WC) GL-XVI/2011 20 Foreign Tours of Executives and Functional Directors of CPSEs
30th May, 2011 2(22)/11-DPE (WC) GL-IX/2011 19 Representation/Communications being received by DPE directly from various CPSEs/Employees of CPSEs/their employees' Associations/Trade unions etc.
2010 ← (Back)
24th September, 2010 2(41)/2010-DPE(WC)-GL-VVII/2010 18 Bunching of increments and leave encashment on pay revision w.e.f. 1.1.2007 of executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of CPSEs following IDA pattern of pay scales.
02nd June 2010 2(25)/10-DPE(WC)-GL-X/2010 17 Payment of Gratuity to the employees of CPSEs
16th February, 2010 2(131)/09-DPE(WC) 16 New Pension System introduced by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority(PFRDA)
2009 ← (Back)
10th August 2009 2(41)/09-DPE(WC)-GL-XX/2009 15 Appointment /Promotion of employees of CPSEs in CDA scales of pay on or after 01.01.1989
14th January, 2009 2(74)/08-DPE-(WC) 14 Recommendations of 2nd Pay Revision Committee (PRC) on compensation package in Sick CPSEs and CPSEs in category ‘D’ having income levels of less than Rs 50 Crores; examination thereof.
13 January, 2009 2(81)/08-DPE-(WC) 13 Recommendation of 2nd PRC (Pay Revision Committee) on creation of a corpus by contributing 1% to 1.5% of PBT (Profit Before Tax) by CPSEs to take care of medical and any other emergency needs of retired executives and those who are not adequately covered by the pension scheme; examination thereof.
2008 ← (Back)
17.11.2008 2(15)/06-DPE(WC) -GL –XV/08 12 Receipt of monetary benefits in the form of sitting fees, bonus, share in profits, stock options etc., by the employees of CPSEs (including chief Executive and Functional Directors) and Government nominated as a part time Director on the boards of CPSEs, subsidiary /Joint Venture of CPSE and any other companies.
11.12.2008 2(2)/85-DPE(WC)-GL –XVII/08 11 Method of calculation of encashment of Earned Leave in CPSEs.
2007 ← (Back)
24th August, 2007 2(23)/07-DPE (WC) GL-IX 10 Recommendations of Ad-hoc Group of Experts on empowerment of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) – guidelines regarding foreign tours of Chief Executives and Functional Directors of CPSEs
2005 ← (Back)
5th August, 2005 2(53)/90-DPE(WC) 9 Revised Ceilings on Accumulation of Earned leave. (DPE O.M. No. 2(53)/90-DPE (WC) dated 5th August, 2005)
2003 ← (Back)
21st July, 2003 2(20)/03-DPE (WC) 8 Perquisites to part-time Directors and Government Directors in central CPSEs
2002 ← (Back)
26th February, 2002 K-114/97-DPE(WC)GL 7 Fixation of pay of re-employed pensioners-General Policy thereof-Raising limit of exemption of pension.
2000 ← (Back)
12th September 2000 2(49)-98- DPE(WC)GL-XXIX 6 Clarification on 5% of the distributable profit
1999 ← (Back)
13th August, 1999 2(41)/93-DPE(WC) G-XI 5 Tours abroad by incumbents of top posts and all Board level executives in Public Enterprises.
26th March, 1999 2(53)/90-DPE(WC)-GIV 4 Exclusive use of staff car by board level executives-consolidation of instructions.
1998 ← (Back)
27th July, 1998 2(9)/95-DPE(WC) 3 Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity for the employees of PSEs.
1997 ← (Back)
20th November, 1997 2(22)/97-DPE(WC) 2 Ex-gratia payment in Central Public Sector Enterprises and Establishment to which Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 as amended does not apply in respect of the Financial Year 1996-97.
20th August, 1997 2(31)/87-DPE/(WC) 1 Payment of sitting fee to non-official members of the Board of Directors of the Public Enterprises .